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Welcome to Terra Dotta, the St. Edward's study abroad program information & application site.  This contains a list of the SEMESTER and FACULTY-LED SUMMER study abroad programs currently available and detailed information about each one.

For information about the study abroad process, different types of programs, scholarships, etc. visit the study abroad website:

How to get started:
Before doing anything, refer to the Getting Started Page on the Study Abroad website


1. Create an account by going to the Login/Register button in the top right of the screen
2. Click on the home icon (top left) and then programs
3. This is a list of approved programs for semester or summer faculty-led ONLY
4. Refer to the tabs on each program page to find more information about courses, dates and cost.
5. After looking through the programs and getting an idea of where you may want to go, refer back to the Getting Started page of the study abroad website.


Faculty-led programs - follow instructions above to see list of semester AND faculty-led summer programs.  Faculty-led summer programs are all titled SUMMER (year) Faculty-led (location).

Summer External Programs - there are many summer study abroad options that are not administered through SEU that students can also apply to.    Go to the Getting Started Page/Summer - External Program tab