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  • Locations: Dundee, United Kingdom
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Homepage: Click to visit
  • Budget Sheets: Fall, Spring
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2025 09/20/2024 09/30/2024 TBA TBA
Quick Facts:
Quick Facts:
Language of Instruction: English Class Status: 2. Sophomore, 3. Junior
SEU GPA Requirement: 2.75 Study Abroad Advisor: Rosa Virginia Mendez
SEU Aid Applies: YES SEU or Transfer Credit: Transfer Credit
Internship: Unavailable
Program Brochure:


Abertay University

Abertay Logo

Experience Scottish education, culture and student life at Abertay University! As well as being an internationally recognised leader in computer games development, we also offer great learning opportunities in business, contemporary and social sciences, and much, much more. Abertay is a global community, hosting students from over 70 countries. At the same time, due to our small size and city-centre location, there is a real 'Abertay family' feel to our campus. Join us for a semester or a year and create your own Abertay experience!



Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom


Abertay University is located on the Eastern coast of Scotland in the heart of the city of Dundee. Dundee, a small yet vibrant city of 142,000 inhabitants, is close to the capital of Edinburgh-only a 30 minute train ride! The city receives more hours of sunlight than any other Scottish city and is home to both Abertay University and the University of Dundee.

Fun Fact: The first ever radio broadcast was sent from Dundee in 1832!

Abertay University Scottish Highlands Dundee Scotland
Albertay University  The beautiful Scottish Highlands! Aerial view of Dundee, Scotland



Courses at Host University:

  • Classes are split into 2 terms: Term 1 (Fall), Term 2 (Spring).
  • Your choice of modules is subject to academic approval at Abertay, and you may need evidence of previous study in a related subject. Approval for study will be considered based on your transcript to date. 
NOTE: Courses are called Modules. You are only able to register for a module if it is during the your scheduled term/semester abroad.
Areas of Study
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Biomedical Science
  • Business Management
  • Computer Arts
  • Computer Game Application Development
  • Computing
  • Criminology
  • Fitness, Nutrition and Health
  • Food Science and Health
  • Forensic Science
  • Game Design and Production
  • Law
  • Marketing and Business
  • Psychology
  • Social Science
  • Sociology
  • Sport and Sport Management
Module (Class) guide is available here. 

Credit System:

The standard number of modules to take each semester is 3 x 20 credit modules, and all subjects follow this pattern, totaling 60 SCQF (equal to 30 ECTS) which is the normal credit amount for a full-time student for one semester. Study Abroad/Exchange students are all expected to take 3 modules or the full 60 credits per semester.




Housing Options

Abertay University does not offer on-campus housing but has many great (and close!) off-campus housing options. 

There are lots of different room types, from small singles to en suite studios with a range of prices and locations. Each one is close to Abertay - so close you can easily walk to classes in ten minutes even if you dawdle.

All rooms have a bed, desk, drawers and plenty of sockets. Some are en suite, some have shared showers depending on what you want. Bills like wifi, gas and electricity are included in the rent.

Check out the Abertay housing website page to learn more about the different options, including photos:

Cost and Funding

Cost and Funding

Budget Sheet:

In the above charts, select the budget sheet applying to the semester you are planning to study abroad. This is a budget sheet you can use in planning for your term abroad on your own and/or with your Financial Aid Advisor. The budget sheet includes the basics and starting information you will need to understand what costs will generally apply to study abroad. For a more thorough budget template, refer to this template.

Note: All costs external to SEU are estimates and may vary depending on your program selection, personal selection of housing, airfare, and more. It is your responsibility to secure funding for your semester abroad and to communicate with Financial Aid using this budget sheet or whichever budget template you prefer to help plan how aid may or may not apply to study abroad.

Financial Aid:

The Budget Sheets above outline what is billed by SEU and what you can expect to spend on additional costs like housing, airfare, and visa. 

Tuition, Tech Fee, and International Insurance will be billed by St. Edward’s and aid will apply as it usually does for semester study here on campus. 

Housing and all other costs will be billed externally.

Financial Aid/Scholarships might support these costs, but you should consult your financial aid advisor to discuss the specific costs associated with your program(s) of choice.

You are encouraged to use available tools to create a personal budget for your spending while you are in-country.

Cost of living estimator

Personal budget creator (Created by Yale University but available to all and very helpful)

Under Quick Facts above, there should be a note whether or not SEU Institutional Aid can apply to the program you are viewing.

All SEU Institutional Aid, Federal, and External Scholarships will apply to these programs during the semester. Tuition, Tech Fee, and International Insurance will be billed by St. Edward’s and aid will apply as it usually does in other semesters on campus. Housing and other expenses will be billed externally. Aid might support these costs, but consult your financial aid advisor to discuss specific application to you and your program.



In addition to the Financial Aid and/or Scholarships you receive to attend St. Edward's University, there are additional external scholarships available for study abroad. A list of these can be found on the Study Abroad website:

Money in Country:

Great British Pound £
Info on cost of living in Dundee found here. 

Application and Important Dates

Application and Important Dates


All programs have a minimum GPA of a 2.75. 

Important Dates:

Application Dates
Spring: September 20
Fall: March 1

Semester Dates
Spring 2023: 
January 30 - May 26, 2023

Fall 2023:

Application Process:

Students should select their top two programs from the offered programs on the study abroad portal.

Within the application, students should detail their reasoning for each program choice, explaining one’s academic, professional, personal, and extra-curricular goals as they relate to the program choice.

Based on their application and area of study, the Study Abroad Office will approve them for their first or second choice program.

Note that this first application is approval to apply to the program and is not actually an application to the program.

Students will be notified by the Study Abroad Office of their application status and program and will be given a list of next steps.


Rosa Virginia Mendez

Make an advising appointment here.


Passport and Visa

Important Documents



All students who will study abroad are required to hold a passport valid for 6 months past the scheduled end of their study abroad program.

You will not be approved for a study abroad program without a valid passport. If you do not yet have a valid passport, you must apply for one immediately.

For information on applying or renewing passports go to the U.S. Department of State website.

If you are an international student, your home country passport must be valid for 6 months past the end of study abroad as well. Contact your international student advisor for specific information on maintaining your US student status while studying abroad.
The visa is the entry or residency permit that allows you to study or travel within the country of your destination. You are responsible for obtaining your visa and completing the application process for the visa.

Going to the US's State Department Website searching for your country, and looking at the "Entry, Exit, and Visa Requirements" section, you can find a link to the country's consulate where visa information will be found.

Information for the United Kingdom is located here for US Passport holders.

If you are an international student, you will need to research the process for the country of your citizenship to obtain a visa for the country of your intended study abroad.

The cost and requirements for obtaining visas vary. It is your responsibility to determine visa requirements for all countries you plan to visit while abroad. This includes countries that you plan to visit before or after your study abroad program.